Franchise FAQs (10)

Is fast food or restaurant experience required to obtain an AJ’s Piri Piri franchise?

Experience is always preferable, but not necessary. Our franchise system has been developed to allow any individual, regardless of experience, an opportunity to own and operate their own business profitably.

What about training?

AJ’s Piri Piri requires the key personnel from each franchise to attend and complete a training programme. The training is broken down into equipment commissioning and actual trading training. Equipment commissioning is conducted by fully qualified personnel or nominated representatives of the Company. Trading training is broken down into different areas of requirement and is chargeable at £400 per day. At the start of the project, the qualified trainer will determine exactly what training is required depending on any existing experience. You will then be obliged to have this amount of training. However, additional training is available at your request. One day free training will be given if more than five days of trading training is booked. Furthermore, trading training can be provided prior, during or after opening, to suit individual requirements.

Accommodation and travel expenses are additional, chargeable at cost.

What assistance does AJ’s Piri Piri provide in site location?

At the present time the company does not become involved in site or premises location, however an evaluation of prospective sites located by prospective franchisees is carried out in depth. All sites are approved by the company prior to an application being accepted.

What is the term of the franchise?

The franchise agreement is for a five-year period, renewable at the option of the franchisor and franchisee for a further five years at the end of the first term.

How much is the Franchise Fee?

The franchise fee depends on whether you are opening an independent outlet or undertaking a development franchise. For an individual outlet, the fee is £5,000 excluding travel, accommodation and training expenses. The fee for a development franchise is dependent on size and population of the intended territory.

Are there any fees required on an on-going basis?

There is an on going service fee of 4% of turnover per annum and there is a Marketing and Promotions annual contribution of 4% of turnover.

I am very interested in obtaining an AJ’s Piri Piri. What do I do next?

Please complete the AJ’s Piri Piri franchise application included in our presentation literature. This is entirely without obligation and all information provided is maintained in strictest confidence. Following our preliminary qualification checking, one of our experienced representatives will be in touch to discuss your application further.

In what legal procedures do I become involved following successful application?

You will be required to sign a Confidentiality Agreement and, depending on the nature of the business entity proposed to operate the store(s), certain other documents. The franchise agreement itself is split into two parts, these being a Franchise Purchase Agreement and the Agreement itself.

What costs are incurred by me at this stage?

The initial franchise fee of £5,000.

Is there anything else I need to know now?

If all your immediate questions are not answered by this presentation, we suggest you call us direct with any other matters you would wish to raise at this time. Otherwise you will find that the Franchise Purchase Agreement answers all of the major issues you should consider. You will have an opportunity to study this document prior to making any commitment or becoming involved in any transactions.

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